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Quality Inspection
The First Condor Group build cell quality testing platform through the CNAS recognition, its equipment and facilities, testing ability and management ability reached the international level, and the data provided by the testing platform have legal effect, inspection report recognized by international peers, issued by the inspection report will be more than 100 countries and regions of the test results of mutual recognition.

The First Condor Group has invested heavily to build a cell quality testing platform. In addition to meeting the quality control of The First Condor Group's own stem cell and immune cell preparations and the quality testing of new product research and development, the platform can also serve as a third-party testing platform to serve enterprises, scientific research institutions and medical institutions in the development, research and application of cell drugs. At present, the platform is the most complete testing institution and the most professional detection method for cell product testing in China. The platform is mainly responsible for the testing of the following ten projects:

Cellular microbial safety testing

Cell surface markers detectection

The killing activity of immune cells in vitro detection

Chromosome analysis of cultured cells

Cytokine detection

Stem cell morphological identification

stem cell activity assay

Stem cell tissue regeneration function detection

Stem cell differentiation ability detection

Stem cell immune regulatory function detection

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